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Sudani From Nigeria movie review

Sudani From Nigeria movie poster

Keralites’ love for sevenes football, especially in the northern parts of the state, is no secret. Though we have seen it in many Malayalam movies, director Zakariya Mohammed’s Sudani From Nigeria is a different tale.

Sudani From Nigeria narrates the story of an unmarried young man Majid played by Soubin Shahir. He is the manager of a local football team MYC Accode in a rural town in Malappuram, Kerala. The team comprises of foreign players. Samuel Abiola Robinson, who hails from Nigeria, is one of its the key members. However, Samuel gets injured in a bathroom accident and a series of mishaps that follow are being narrated in Sudani From Nigeria.

Nevertheless, the movie is not just about football, it also goes through many human emotions — friendships, relationships, hardships, social issues and a lot more.

Performances in Sudani From Nigeria

The movie doesn’t have a big star cast to boast of. Soubin Shahir, who has till date performed as the sidekick of the heroes in almost all of his movies, however, plays the main role, that too in a matured way in Sudani From Nigeria.

Though Samuel portrays the title character ‘Sudu’, he doesn’t get much chance to shine as a footballer. Instead, we see him bedridden most of the time. He has minimal dialogues and a lot of confused looks. Just like he is loved by everyone around him, Samuel is sure to impress the audience as well.

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Savithri Sreedharan, who appeared as Majid’s mother Jameela and her friend Beeyumma, played by Sarasa Balussery stole the show with their delightful performances. These mothers will remain in your heart for a long time for sure. The bond between Jameela and Samuel is so lovely without any language barrier. KTC Abdulla gets a special mention. Other actors like Aneesh G Menon, Lukman Lukku, Abhiram Pothuval among others have done a decent job.

What stands out?

The realistic performances of each character is definitely the highlight of this movie. All thanks to Muhsin Parari and Zakariya’s brilliant script that gives enough space for them to perform.

The makers have also tried to address the water scarcity, poverty and refugee issues faced by people in Africa in a convincing way through the eyes of Samuel.

Music and background score by Rex Vijayan and Shahabaz Aman’s Kurrah song have synced well with the total mood of the movie. Shyju Khalid’s frames and Naufal Abdullah’s crisp editing keep us engaged throughout.

What went wrong?

Not much, actually. But I still wonder how the legal issues connected to Samuel got resolved so quickly in the climax portion.

Final verdict

Sudani From Nigeria is a refreshing movie showing the Keralites’ love towards football. It also highlights how people in the state believe in the concept Atithi Devo Bhava (which means, guest is equivalent to God). With the right amount of sentiments, comedy and positive vibes, this sports/family entertainer is definitely the winner of this festive season, especially because of the realistic performances of each and every character in it. Do not miss this simple heartwarming entertainer.

Rating: 4/5


5 stars: Exceptional, masterpiece 
4.5 stars: Well crafted piece of art 
4 stars: Very good, exciting, interesting/new concept  
3.5 stars: Good, but some minor flaws 
3 stars: Average, one-time watch 
2.5 stars: Mixed feelings 
2 stars: Disappointing. Watch at your own risk  
1.5 stars: Frustrating. 
1 star: A complete disaster. Better avoid this


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