Vikadakumaran movie review

After entertaining the audience with the comedy entertainer Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan, actor Vishnu Unnikrishnan is back in a lead role with the Malayalam movie Vikadakumaran.

In the directorial venture of Boban Samuel that can be called as the Malayalam version of Akshay Kumar’s Bollywood flick Jolly LLB, Vishnu plays as Advocate Binu Sebastian, a struggling lawyer, who deals with petty cases. How he handles a big case and a series of complications followed by it form the crux of Vikadakumaran.

Performances in Vikadakumaran

The role was apt for Vishnu.  Dharmajan Bolgatty has performed convincingly as Manikandan, the sidekick of Binu. Just a countable number of comedy dialogues by the duo remain as the saving factor of Vikadakumaran, sadly, nothing stays in my mind now.

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Though Manasa Radhakrishnan looks like a promising performer, the filmmakers have sidelined her as just a mandatory good looking heroine we see for every hero in commercial movies. Rosin Jolly and Megha Mathew just come and go without creating much impact. Jayan as advocate Swami does a decent job, while Jinu Joseph’s villain Roshi Balachandran and Baiju’s character Baiju were a little annoying. Indrans, who portrayed the role of a police guard appeared only in minimal scenes, but that was enough for us to remember his role.

What went wrong?

In the first half of Vikadakumaran, we see a struggling and not-so-smart advocate Binu aka Binu Vakeel, whose clients get severe punishments even if they are actually being accused of minor crimes. He is even spotted struggling to pronounce the word “alibi” during one of the court proceedings. But in the second half, we get to see his smart and intelligent avatar all of a sudden. And how convincing it can be?

Since the chemistry and comedy dialogues of Vishnu and Dharmajan remained as the backbone of their previous movie, expectations were sky high from Vikadakumaran. However, there aren’t much moments that make you laugh in the latest film. Moreover,  I felt the makers have tried to desperately insert quite a lot of unnecessary humour elements that actually sounded artificial.

More drawbacks

Looks like director Rafi is all set to establish himself as an actor. In the latest movie, the filmmaker appears as a magistrate, for whom First Class Judicial Magistrate Court is like his summer palace. From the civil officer to lawyers, all are trying their level best to tickle our bones during court proceedings. But they are meant to be more serious, right? We also hear the Judge saying the cliche dialogue “this is my court and I decide what to do” again in this movie. Dear filmmakers, aren’t you tired of this statement?

Also, wondering why the villain was allowed to use mobile phone inside the cell and how on earth he gets to know each and everything occuring outside the sub-jail, expect what happens for him in the climax despite being so smart and rich! And yes, the movie has a slightly confusing climax too.

Meanwhile, the music and other technical departments of Vikadakumaran are a letdown without creating an impact in our minds.

Final words

Vikadakumaran is strictly an average movie that lacks a concrete script. The lazily packaged courtroom drama is, however, a one-time watch if you are ready to keep logic at bay.

Rating: 2/5

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