Kammara Sambhavam movie review

After the political thriller Ramaleela, Dileep is back with the historical satire movie Kammara Sambhavam, directed by debutant Rathish Ambat.

Kammara Sambhavam begins with a team of producers approaching a hit filmmaker Pulikesi (Bobby Simha) to make a movie on Kammaran (Dileep). He is believed to be a member of Indian Liberation Party (ILP) formed during the 1940’s.

The real life story narrated by Kammaran is shown in the first half of the movie. How Pulikesi turns the biopic into a fabricated mass entertainer and how it influences common people form the gist of Kammara Sambhavam.

Performances in Kammara Sambhavam

Dileep appears in a never-seen-before avatar as Kammaran Nambiar with three different get-ups and the actor doubtlessly impresses the audience. Among the three, the crooked Kammaran, a local medical practitioner — who pretends to be supporting the poor, white men and rich at the same time — is the best. However, his prosthetic make-up for the old man makeover looks artificial.  

Tamil actor Siddharth portrays the character Othenan in Kammara Sambhavam. He needs to be appreciated for dubbing himself all those Malayalam dialogues. Namitha Pramod doesn’t just stay as a good looking heroine in this movie. Her character Bhanumathi plays a significant role in the life of both Kammaran and Othenan. Take Off-fame Divya Prabha is the on-screen sister of Kammaran and she has done justice to her character.

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Murali Gopy, Shwetha Menon, Manikuttan, Bobby Simha, Vijayaraghavan, Indrans and Siddique are okay. And as usual Santhosh Keezhatoor dies on screen in Kammara Sambhavam as well.

What stands out?

The way Kammaran orchestrated a set a events bringing together almost all his rivals just before the interval is a part worth mentioning in the storyline.

As a debutant, director Rathish Ambat’s efforts are worth mentioning, especially till interval, when the script stays strong.

Sunik KS’ cinematography and the art department have done a commendable job in bringing pre-independence era during the 1940s with a realistic touch. The mega budget entertainer is technically brilliant. 

Gopi Sundar’s background music is impressive. The song Njano Ravo sung by Haricharan Sheshadri and Divya S Menon is a catchy one.

The casting for each character looks perfect, be it for Gandhiji, Netaji or Nehru.

What went wrong?

A lot, actually.

Despite having an engaging script in the first half with a neat introduction of each character, the Dileep-starrer loses its balance post interval with an abrupt transition. The confusing story line in the second half is the major drawback of the Kammara Sambhavam, which will leave you confused till the climax.

We have seen many movies that have another movie within. The second half of Kammara Sambhavam shows the biopic of Kammaran, titled Sambhavam, which is completely different from the real life story of the medical practitioner. Through this, the makers are trying to take a dig at how real incidents are twisted while making biopics quoting Napoleon Bonaparte: “History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

For example, the otherwise crooked, cunning, opportunist and poor Kammaran is given a heroic image in the biopic. Kammaran himself is shocked seeing the “fake moments” he is said to have spent with Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose. This clearly hints at the freedom of a director in shaping a character for his movie even if it deals with a historic theme.

More drawbacks

Expectations were sky high from Murali Gopy’s previous movie Tiyaan, all thanks to the hype created by Prithviraj Sukumaran and Indrajith Sukumaran. However, it failed miserably upon its release. Similarly, Kammara Sambhavam also turns out to be not everyone’s cup of tea. Either Murali must write scripts that the common man can easily understand or the audience should reach his intelligence level.

Songs are part and parcel of masala movies, and yes, Murali was trying to show how songs and stunts are unnecessarily included in them, but the song in the second half was totally misplaced in this already 3 hours stretched drama making us more tired.

Towards the climax, we hear Kammaran mocking the media on their attitude of switching from one breaking news to another to keep their TRP ratings high. He indirectly takes a dig at the way the media covered the infamous actress abduction case, in which Dileep himself is the prime accused. It was obvious that the scene was intentionally included, and I wish the makers had not done that.

Final verdict

Dileep and Siddharth have performed well in the historical satire drama. However, Kammara Sambhavam is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Though it has an engaging and impressive first half, the script falls flat while the movie within the movie gets picturised. And you will leave the theatre only with a confused face.

Rating: 2/5

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