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Even before the release, the movie Ira had raised the expectations of the audience. It drew similarities with the incidents that happened in the life of actor Dileep, who was arrested for his alleged involvement in the February 17, 2017 actress abduction case.

However, the pre-release hype around the movie was just a marketing gimmick by the makers. The story line is entirely different. The only similarity is when Gokul Suresh’s character delivers the same dialogue said by Dileep during media trial.

Now, coming back to Ira, the debut directorial venture of Saiju SS, written by Naveen John, can be tagged a decent revenge thriller. The script could have been made better at some places by giving a better clarity on certain sequences. Nevertheless, it keeps us engaged, though our mind starts to question on several aspects right after the climax.

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The movie begins with the mysterious death of Kerala Chief Minister Chandy (Alencier Ley). The mishap happened at a time when he was been scrutinized by media over corruption. Suspecting a foul play, the investigators arrest Dr. Aaryan. How the mystery behind the politician’s sudden demise gets unfolded form the gist of the Unni Mukundan, Gokul Suresh-starrer.

Ira also tries to briefly showcase certain health issues faced by tribals in Attapady during the second half of the flick.

Performances in Ira

Usually in all his previous movies, Unni’s act looked artificial at some point. However, he has done a commendable job in Ira as a special investigating officer named Rajeev.

Meanwhile, though Gokul couldn’t impress the audience with his debut movie Mudhugauv, he has improved a lot with the character Aaryan. He portrays the role of an orphan, who leaves Kolkata to work at a hospital in Kerala. His love interest Niranjana Anoop too gets enough screen space to perform.

Miya, Lena, Alencier Ley and Shankar Ramakrishnan are good though their characters are not explored well in the script. There are a few other female characters, who are the staff of the hospital where Aaryan works. But they just come and go without creating much impact.

Meanwhile, the comedy dialogues by Saju Navodaya aka Pashanam Shaji were boring after a point of time.

The cinematography by Sudheer Surendran in the second half capturing the beauty of forest is impressive. Both the romantic songs – Etho Pattin Eenam and Oru Mozhi Parayam – are catchy. But isn’t the climax BGM by Gopi Sundar similar to the music he had used in Prithviraj Sukumaran’s movie Anwar?

What went wrong?

Some mysteries are still not resolved in Ira. For example, there is a particular situation where an important character is being killed. Even without that person giving a hint on the people behind the murder, another character understands who the real culprits are. And is on a mission to take revenge against them. I mean all of them involved in it! What?! How on earth did he reach that conclusion?

In a scene, Unni’s character tells to his colleague on their plan to stay in the forest hiding their real identity. But the duo was speaking loudly when they were on a jhankar boat with some tribals. So were they deaf or what?

From the first glance of Miya, we get a feeling that there is something mysterious about her character Karthu. Though the makers try to keep the suspense element, it however loses balance within a short span of time. And how could she hide as a tribal woman along with the locals, who might know her as one not among them?

Similarly, there are a few other unanswered questions that come to your mind. Listing them one by one would give away some spoilers. So period.

Editing was okay, but there is a particular scene when Gokul’s character is seen hiding near a church looking at a priest, who was speaking to kids. No idea what was it’s relevance in the story line!

The makeup for two female characters was not at all impressive.

Final words

All the necessary ingredients required for a commercial movie – romance, friendship, action and suspense – are in Ira. It becomes an engaging thriller only if you can convince your mind to forget those minor flaws here and there. Though the climax is less predictable, it is not a fresh concept and the way the protagonists reach that particular point needed a little more clarity. Also as I mentioned before, the comedy dialogues by Pashanam Shaji were not syncing well with the overall mood of the movie.

Rating: 2.5/5

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