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Chanakyathanthram movie review

Chanakyathanthram movie poster

Director Kannan Thamarakkulam’s Chanakyathanthram narrates the story of a private detective and a series of mishaps that happen in the life of all his subjects. The average crime thriller flick that tries to deliver a serious message has Sshivada Nair and Shruti Ramachandran in female lead roles.

Vikadakumaran movie review

Vikadakumaran Movie Poster

Director Boban Samuel’s comedy entertainer Vikadakumaran can be called as the Malayalam version of Akshay Kumar’s Bollywood flick Jolly LLB. Vishnu Unnikrishnan plays as a struggling lawyer and a series of incidents that happen after he gets an opportunity to handle a big case form the crux of the movie.

Poomaram movie review

Poomaram movie poster

Poomaram is the directorial venture of Abrid Shine highlighting the incidents that happen during the five-day Mahatma Gandhi University youth festival in Kerala every year. The campus entertainer, starring Kalidas Jayaram and Neeta Pillai in main roles, will remind you of your good old college days if you have ever studied in Kerala.