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Unlike the heroines we are already familiar with, June (Rajisha Vijayan) is not the centre of attraction of her class. Instead, she is an ordinary teenager, who believes to have no special talent. No doubt why she had a crush on Noel (Sarjano Khalid) — another introvert boy, who couldn’t introduce himself during the first day of their plus one class. The movie begins from the school days and goes on narrating June’s journey to a matured and an independent woman.

What Stands Out?

June is narrated from the perspective of a teenage girl. It is hard to accept that its script has been penned by three men — Ahammed Khabeer, Libin Varghese and Jeevan Baby Mathew. The trio has managed to understand almost all the feelings and thoughts of teenage girls quite convincingly.

June is sure to take each one of us back to our good old school days — friendships, gossips, romances, breakups, the fun during the competitions and commenting about stalker boys from other schools, to name a few. The days when none of us was worried about our future but only bothered to look good and impress the ones in the opposite sex. Or maybe, trying to become the centre of attraction. And haven’t you tried checking your relationship status with that crush of your’s with FLAMES? June is exactly such a girl, like how many of us used to be.


Rajisha as June has delivered a super realistic performance getting into the shoes of the character in every sense. With different makeovers, the actress impresses the audience without any doubt. But only her appearances change, as she remains innocent, genuine and pure at heart throughout. Rajisha handles the character quite convincingly and exactly the way the script demands her to.

Joju George is seen as her super cool father and Aswathy Menon (Satyam Shivam Sundaram actress) as her strict mother. The chemistry between Joju and Rajisha as the father-daughter duo is a delightful visual treat. However, the makers had released most of the interesting moments of them in the promo videos itself even before the movie’s release. Like the land phone ringing scenes during evening prayer, Joju’s pieces of advice, ‘paw’ warnings, to name a few.

Another notable performance is by Arjun Ashokan. From a stalker boy at the next school to a matured guy in the second half of the movie, his transformation is impressive.

Except for Rajisha, Joju, Aswathi and Arjun, almost all the other actors are newcomers in this movie. And the story not just highlights June’s life journey, but also gives importance to other actors and they all have made a mark in some way. Be it the asura gang, her two close friends — Kunji, Sreelakshmi, Annmary, the model girl — Fidha, the Bangalore girl — Mottachi, the mimicry artiste — Harry Potter looking guy, among others.

Final verdict

June has many nostalgia-inducing moments that will make you laugh and cry. The touching scenes, beautiful frames, good music, amazing performances make June an engaging entertainer. The only drawback I felt was on stretching June’s school life little too much in the first half. But one thing for sure, June is a relatable character for everyone (especially girls), who still think school life was the best period in their life.

Rating: 4/5

5 stars: Exceptional, masterpiece
4.5 stars: Well crafted piece of art
4 stars: Very good, exciting, interesting concept and amazing performances 
3.5 stars: Good, better than what I expected, but has some minor flaws
3 stars: Okay, one-time watch
2.5 stars: Mixed feelings
2 stars: Disappointing. Watch at your own risk 
1.5 stars: Frustrating.
1 star: A complete disaster. Better avoid this


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