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The Omar brilliance again!

Oru Adaar Love Freak Penne song

When Malayalam director Omar Lulu released the first video song from his upcoming movie Oru Adaar Love, he wouldn’t have expected it to cross boundaries.

The Manikya Malarayi Poovi song featured a bunch of newcomers, but the two actors who grabbed the attention of millions of people across the globe were definitely Roshan Abdul Rahoof and Priya P Varrier. That too with just a WINK. Priya’s wink and the way Roshan reacted to it made them Internet sensations, in no time.

The song video, especially the couple’s portion, went viral in Kerala within hours of its release. Soon, it crossed the borders impressing people all over the globe. But, that was not the end. The team released another teaser video, which too went viral. Soon, every news, entertainment channels and websites were behind the couple. They started giving interviews and attending public events.

Gosh! it was a time when people were asking them similar questions. And of course, they were asked to recreate the viral scenes live before the audience where ever they visited.

Sigh! That was the time when social media was completely dedicated to Priya, her wink, interviews and so on. Poor Roshan and other actors of Oru Adaar Love didn’t get much attention, though the song had highlighted other actors more than Priya.

After Priya and Roshan’s chemistry started trending online, it was heard that the filmmaker changed the original script of Oru Adaar Love to give importance to the couple’s characters as well. A few months ago, the team of Oru Adaar Love released the second song from the film, a Tamil one that didn’t make a lot of hype like the first one. So, lets not talk about that.

Priya haters exist

At the same time, Priya and Roshan’s unexpected publicity also started irking many social media users. But how can we blame them? Isn’t it natural for people to get bored seeing the same thing again and again? As a result, there now exist a team of ‘Priya haters’ as well.

Freak Penne

On September 20, 2018, the Oru Adaar Love team released the third song Freak penne, again composed by Shaan Rahman. As expected, it too went viral instantly, but for the wrong reasons. Netizens, who are not impressed with the fast number, have been trying to make it the most ‘disliked’ video on YouTube. But isn’t that too a record for them? Hours after the song’s release, social media pages have been flooded with trolls and memes. And to be frank, some of them are really hilarious ?

Though Freak Penne has a catchy music, it’s lyrics, penned by newbie Sathyajith, has irked the netizens.

Take a look:

Oh my God poyi njan
Oru pennine premichu poyi
Olude kannaukal kandoru nerathu
Chankile love tharach onnu poyi
Chenthamara pole avalude
Chenchodi ithalikal aake
Cheriyoru punchiri thazhukiya neram
En nenjile kiliyangu poyi
Postayi poyi.. ennude
Life athu waste aayi poyi
Avalude hate you ennoru vaakil
Scene motham dark aayi poyi

What do you feel now?

Do you have a similar feeling like you had after hearing Dhanush’s Tamil song ‘Why this Kolaveri di’ for the first time?

Just read the following lyrics as well:

Kalathu bus stopil njan chennu
Full getup-il njan chennu
Watchile samayam nokki ninnu
Avalude varavum nokki ninnu
First bus onnu poyi
De second bus onnu poyi
Denda pinnoru bus-um poyi
Ennude samayam waste aayi poyi

Oduvil aval de vannoo
Neela churidarum aninjaval vannu
Chilu chile kilungana
Kolussinte maniyumaai
Nadannente arikathu
Aval vannu ninnu
Mind polu cheythilla
Ente muhathottu polum nokkeela

Ithra kashtapettu getup ittu ninnittum
Oru look polum thannillaa

Top trending YouTube song, all thanks to trollers!

At the time of writing this, the song video has got 45K likes and 315K dislikes on YouTube. And of course, it is trending on the top spot with over 2.5 million views within a day of release.

freak penne songBut can’t we call it yet another Omar brilliance? ?

Aren’t every viewer, who are in a mission to increase the dislike count of the song actually helping the team of Oru Adaar Love to fill their pockets?! Just think. Even Omar Lulu has reacted positively to the hate campaign as his ambitious project is reaching more audience than he would have actually expected. Reminiscent of Santhosh Pandit’s strategy during the release of Krishnanum Radhayum ??

My Take:

Initially, I too hated the song and its lyrics. But yeah, after hearing 2-3 times (I was helpless, my Facebook timeline was filled with troll videos and I couldn’t resist from watching them), I actually started singing the song! Does that mean the team of Oru Adaar Love is successful with the song? I feel so. I hope this happened to many others as well.

Anyway, congrats Omar Lulu and the entire team of Oru Adaar Love! You guys are smart to handle everything positively! 🙂


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