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Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum movie review

Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum movie poster

The first impression we get from the trailer of Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum (AKA) is that the movie deals with the topic “cancer”. About how it would change the life of a happy-go-lucky girl, who falls in love with a good-looking man. But you are mistaken, cancer is not the villain of this Tovino Thomas and Pia Bajpai-starrer. Instead, the film deals with another social topic that hasn’t grabbed much attention in commercial movies.

It narrates how Abhimanyu aka Abhi is inspired by Anu’s good deeds, meet each other, fall in love and marry in a hurry. That too even without informing their parents. But that’s not a problem for this new-gen parents, who do approve the couple’s decision. And they lead a very happy life together in Chennai. Oh, Anu even gets
pregnant within days. Looks so clichéd right? Wait. Here comes a major twist in the second half of the film and things are no more normal. We see issues between the couple, their parents getting involved, and a lot more! What will happen next? Will they solve the issues?

Performances in Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum

Tovino Thomas as a corporate professional in Chennai has delivered a subtle performance. He has tried to express the emotions convincingly though the character was so immature. How about Pia? Wait, I am just dedicating a session to mention the performance of the heroine. Meanwhile, veteran actors, including Rohini, Prabhu and Suhasini Maniratnam have done justice to their jobs. But the script hasn’t properly utilised them well.

Now, just about the heroine

From her overall act to makeup, everything done by Pia Bajpai looked so exaggerated. The actress was somehow trying to look “cute” with her gestures, but fails miserably in making them look convincing. From the intro scene on wards, you will get a clear idea on her character. We are introduced to her calming an elephant that was blocking the way. But how? Surprise! A man just appears with a bunch of bananas the moment she is there. She pays him for that bunch and even takes his cycle to distract that violent elephant. Done! And the way she does it, so good indeed! (pun intended)

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You might even get bored seeing how her character is established as the epitome of all goodness. She is shown as a person, whose only mission is to do good things to the society. And yes, she is a viral personality on the Internet with her friend capturing every moment of her life. Anu is also so keen to let people know about all her good deeds through Facebook. [And the makers have even created a new look for Facebook that we have not seen so far]. Thankfully, after getting married to Abhi, she is no more involved in such social activities.

Pia is also seen with a shaved head look as seen in the trailer of the film. However, it looked so artificial and her makeup was not good many a times, especially in her wedding attire. Surprisingly, even when Anu suffers extreme labour pain, we see her packing bag, praying and a lot more!

What stands out?

The theme narrated in the story line of Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum is definitely different. However, it was not delivered effectively. Apart from that, only the music and cinematography departments stand out in this highly melodramatic movie.

What went wrong?

First things first. In the final shot, the climax gets justified by showing us a piece of information. That’s when we realise all the drama and confusion in the second half was so pointless. And it was something that some of the main characters involved in all that drama already knew. Then, why were they causing all that fuss when they already knew that whatever happened is not a big deal? I don’t think even the writer would have an answer for that or I’m eager to hear his justification.

The major drawback of this so-called bilingual movie is the off lip syncing. Though the makers have claimed it to be bilingual, it is clear that all the Malayalam dialogues were just dubbed. The team has just focused in making the movie in Tamil and as always, watching a dubbed movie was so damn irritating.

AKA is the directorial venture of veteran cinematographer BR Vijayalakshmi. There are so many shots in which we see selfies of various characters. But you will realise there is something wrong with the angles of all those pictures once you see them on-screen. I felt it is something least expected from such an experienced cinematographer-turned-director.

Final verdict

Of course, the makers have tried to come forward with a different theme. But Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum is an over melodramatic movie with a lot of drawbacks that will test your patience. From the over acting heroine to zero lip syncing Malayalam dialogues, the Mollywood version of this movie was a torture to watch. I hope the Tamil version would be better at least on those aspects.

Rating: 1/5


5 stars: Exceptional, Masterpiece 
4.5 stars: Well crafted piece of art 
4 stars: Very good, Exciting, Interesting Concept  
3.5 stars: Good, but some minor flaws 
3 stars: Average, one-time watch 
2.5 stars: Mixed feelings 
2 stars: Disappointing. Watch at your own risk  
1.5 stars: Frustrating. 
1 star: A complete disaster. Better avoid this. 

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